Our Programs

Scholarship and Educational Assistance Program

The main program of GMEFI is the Scholarship and Educational Assistance Program. This provides financial assistance towards completion of high school education, technical-vocational or tertiary education to poor but deserving students. This includes full tuition fee grants, miscellaneous fees, book and uniform allowance in pics 16accordance with the program’s implementing guidelines and policies. The main thrust  of this program is to help indigent and deserving students by providing essential educational  assistance that will further their academic success and aid them towards  becoming productive members of their families and communities in the  future.

Starting 2017, scholarship slots have been allotted to Persons with Disability and Indigenous Peoples as well.

 Community Educational Program Fund Assistance

The Community Educational Program Fund Assistance is intended to supplement the educational and technical-vocational scholarships that GMEFI provides. Consistent with the thrusts of the foundation is its ultimate aim of developing individuals to become  productive and service-driven citizens. GMEFI partners with recognized Non-Government Organizations to help them realize their projects that will benefit their community. Priority is given to organizations that were established to work for the welfare and benefit of Persons with Disability. Indigenous Peoples organizations are also encouraged to submit their project proposals starting this year 2017.

However, project proposals from organizations other than from the two mentioned preferred sectors are most welcome and shall also be considered, especially those that would present ideas that are unique and innovative yet achievable; one that surely could be of help and be quite beneficial to intended primary beneficiaries.

Recipients of GMEFI Community Educational Program Fund Assistance:

  1. Autism Society Philippines – Project: Educational Assessment and Formulation of Individualized Educational Programs of Indigent Children with Special Needs [Started in December 2015; ended in March 2016]

    MOA Signing of GMEFI President Evelyne Dominguez and Autism Society Philippines’ Vice-President Cecile Sicam
  2. Philippine Federation of the Deaf – Project: Teaching Filipino Sign Language for Deaf Students with Weak Signing Skills [July – September 2016]

    GMEFI PFD Signing
    MOA Signing with Yvette Apurado, Philippine Federation of the Deaf’s Vice-President
  3. CBR-Samahan ng mga Magulang na Iniingatang Lahat ng Batang Espesyal, Inc. – Project: Dance Movement Therapy for Children with Disabilities [August – December, 2016]
GMEFI President Even Dominguez and Mrs. Sanny Bautista, CBR-SMILE President with the Signed MOA

4. Childhope Asia – Project: Mobile Music School for Streetchildren [June-December 2017]

MOA Signing
GMEFI President/Executive Director Evelyne Dominguez and Dr. Herbert Carpio, Executive Director of Childhope Asia

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