About Us

Our History

Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation, Inc. (GMEFI) is a non-stock and non-profit organization established in honor of the Founding Chairman and late President of Metro Manila College [MMC], Dr. Mamerto Serrano Miranda and his loving wife, Dr. Ligaya Medina Miranda, who passed away on August 13, 1995 and December 10, 2008, respectively.

After the war, Dr. Mamerto S. Miranda observed that most of the students back then had to walk great distances just to get an education. While others opted to quit and drop out, some never had the chance to study. Their future seemed bleak. Dr. Miranda knew that the only way to give them hope and a better future was through education. Hence, he founded Novaliches Academy (NA) in 1947. The incorporation papers were signed on January 17, 1950. Originally located in Plaza (Bayan) Novaliches, Quezon City, it was the first private school in the community to offer high school with only 14 students to start with.

As the number of students grew, it began to offer tertiary courses as well. As the first private college in the community, the former name was then changed to Metro Manila College. In 1976, the school transferred to Brgy. Kaligayahan, Novaliches, Quezon City. Within the three and a half (3.5) hectares of land campus, the centennial-old “Katipunan Tree” can be found. It was marked as a historical site in 1980 by the Philippine Historical Institute (PHI), now, National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).

Dr. Miranda in his 48 years of service to the school and the community — not only of Novaliches, but of its neighboring areas — advocated for free education of poor but  deserving students. He aimed at uplifting their economic status, and inspiring them to become good citizens of the country. Before he passed away at the age of 79, his children committed themselves to continue the advocacy that their father had started.

Seeing the impact of what Dr. Miranda made in the lives of the people he had helped in the past as seen by the outpouring of their love and praises when he died in 1995, the Miranda siblings decided to work together to fulfill the dream of their father to build a strong educational foundation that would perpetuate his legacy. Thus, in its inception came the burning aspiration of Dr. Miranda’s children to maximize whatever assistance they could offer for the welfare and benefit of the students, the community and the marginalized sectors of society.

Our Vision

To be a leading educational foundation creating a productive and sustainable future for poor and deserving Filipino students.

Our Mission

Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation, Inc. (GMEFI) is committed to provide reliable and effective scholarships and educational assistance programs for poor and deserving students through responsible resource generation and mutually-beneficial partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Our Goals

  • To empower individuals towards self-reliance and productivity by assisting poor and deserving students obtain higher educational credentials.
  • To mobilize and sustain local and foreign support for the foundation’s programs through excellent professional work, creative fundraising efforts and purposive networking and linkage-building.
  • To support relevant educational programs of existing community organizations in Quezon City through financial assistance.

Our Logo

gawad logo

The Gearrepresents graduates of the Foundation who will become builders of the nation

The Tree – represents growth, prosperity and success

The Torch and Book – represent light and knowledge, respectively