Dumagats’ 1st Moving Up at Metro Manila College

As early as 7:30 in the morning on April 30, 2019, Metro Manila College primary students and their parents were all excited. So were Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation’s eleven (11) Dumagat scholars from the Punduhan of Dumagat Center managed by Bro. Martin Francisco who accompanied them.

The Dumagat IP’s journey was not that easy but it was all worth it. For the few who managed to stay on and were determined to move up, and who have made it, our sincerest congratulations!

But it is above all, the commitment and determination of the following that must be lauded: the Metro Manila College management and staff, volunteers under the MMC Community Extension Service Department headed by CES Director, Mrs. Glenda Ortiz, the Graduate Studies Department headed by Dean Dana Tebia, Basic Education Department headed by Mrs. Dolores San Miguel, Principal, full time IP teacher, Sir Michael Lauta, and the volunteer teachers of the Dumagats: Mr. Mark Roxas and Mr. Marvin Garcia. Special thanks and our salute to the dedication of Brother Martin Francisco who has been looking for the welfare of the Dumagats at the Punduhan.

GMEFI headed by Dr. Evelyne Dominguez looks forward to having more Dumagat scholars in our roster.

Congratulations to all of you and see you next School year.

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