Welcome to GMEFI Garden

Last August a meeting was held between GMEFI and ATI, followed by a September seminar. After the said seminar the professors of NSTP Mr. Rolly Abellonar, Ms Princess Dadap and Ms. Marilou Almenario, GMEFI Executive Director started to orient and prepare their students on the said project on Urban Farming.

Last September 28 during the celebration of the 71st Founding Anniversary of Metro Manila College the GMEFI garden was finally blessed by Fr. Antonio Labiao Jr. The Blessing was witnessed by the Board of Directors of GMFI: Board President, Dr. Evelyne M. Dominguez, Board Secretary Ms. Maria Aurora M. Villafuerte, Board Members Dr. Erlinda Dalag, Mrs Natividad M. Villano and Ms Myrna Medina, GMEFI Executive Director, Ms Marilou Almenario, GMEFI Staff Nina Padua and Catherine Genovia-Torres. MMC President Dr Eleanor M. Agapito and the different heads of MMC; Dean Dana Tebia – Dean of Graduate Studies, Mrs Dolores San Miguel – Basic Education Principal, Mrs. Estrelita Guevarra – Office of the Student Affairs Director, Mrs Glenda Ortiz – Community Extension Service Director were also present.

After the blessing of the garden, the students are excitedly started to plant the different seeds given by ATI. Each sections were assigned their own slot and was given their respective tasks.

After three weeks, results were obviously seen. The students were all very proud of what they have planted

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