GMEFI President Reports

MOA Signing_Mano Amiga2
GMEFI President Evelyn Dominguez and Mano Amiga Academy Executive Director MOA Signing

In the Board meeting held last Monday, April 3, GMEFI President Evelyn Dominguez reported on the status and activities of the Foundation.

Here is the summary of the President’s Report covering April 2016-April 2017:

— Of the 66 scholars, 12 students from the tertiary level graduated leaving the slots currently vacant. Report on the performances of the remaining 54 students [six undergraduate students and 48 high school scholars] are yet to be released.

—  GMEFI’s application for permit renewal to DSWD was approved, and its operation extended for three years, from 2017 up to 2019.

—- Since PCNC’s grant to GMEFI as a “donee institution” will expire on April 15, 2017, a request for extension up to September will be submitted. Fund-raising / benefit film showing of PULE: Utak ng Rebolusyon is currently on-going.

—- The application for tax exemption is still in the process due to the three-year compliance period the Bureau of Internal Revenue [BIR] requires.

—- The result of the Auditing Firm ST Fontanillas has been released. It was forwarded to BIR and SEC in compliance with their requirements, and will also be next submitted to PCNC to secure their three-year accreditation requirement.

—- To build linkages with other NGOs, GMEFI joined the First UP NGO Summit held in UP Diliman, Q.C. last March 14 and 15.

—- Under the Scholarship Program of GMEFI was the signing of MOA between GMEFI and Mano Amiga Academy. GMEFI is sponsoring one child [Grade 7] in Basic Education Department.

—- MOA Signing with the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels followed. MMC students under the Work-Study Program shall be monitored by GMEFI. MNDA shall be the one to take charge of the fees not covered under the MMC Work-Study Program.

MOA Signing_Sisters
MOA Signing between Metro Manila College [represented by its President Eleanor Agapito], Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Angels, and GMEFI represented by its President Evelyn Dominguez.
—- PULE Fund-raising activity, and update by GMEFI Board members and staff on the Solicitation letters issued for that purpose.

—- On another matter, is a recommendation by the President to open a booth to sell some products to help sustain the Foundation expenses. Request was addressed to MMC to let GMEFI use the booth for free for a year.

After the President’s report, Board Member Mirana Medina relayed to the Board her meeting with the Philippine National School for the Blind and Philippine School for the Deaf authorities. She went there to search for possible GMEFI scholars as the decision to accept PWDs starting Schoolyear 2017-2918 has been reached and decided in the previous board meetings. According to those she discussed with, there are lots of indigent students from the sector.


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