“Gawad Tree Planting”

tree-planting2Yesterday, September 27, the Gawad Tree Planting activity was held as part of Metro Manila College [MMC] 2016 Foundation Day Celebrations. With a tree as part of the logomajor design elements of Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation, Inc. [GMEFI]’s logo, the idea of planting a Gawad Tree popped in the head of GMEFI Board Member, Mirana Medina. She had thought that GMEFI scholars could be likened to a young plant which has to be nurtured to be able grow properly, and become productive in the future. Formerly with the UP Film Center, the idea to replicate what they used to do when launching or celebrating an important activity was thought of. Hence, the proposal to have a Gawad Tree planting. In fact, it was a mango seedling that she herself planted and tended to become a young plant and sent to MMC.


Incidentally, the Katipunan Tree — more than a centennial-old is in the compound of Metro-Manila College where GMEFI’s office is housed. On the other hand, the Gawad Tree shall represent today’s generation. GMEFI scholars can in the future look back on the day the tree symbolizing them was planted. As they grow into maturity, gain wisdom, become productive and successful, the Gawad Tree would by then have also fully grown — if properly tended — metaphorically representing what they would have become. Hopefully, the tree bears luscious fruits GMEFI scholars could enjoy.

Nurturing the plant by the Gawad scholars themselves is a responsibility each one of them should do, in the same manner GMEFI helps to nurture them as they grow into responsible individuals.

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