Fund Raising is Courtship

That is how Dr. Menandro Magculang, GMEFI Fund Head Volunteer describes Fund Raising, a must to sustainability of any organization. GMEFI annually supports up to 50 scholars.

Dr. Menandro Magculang shares his expertise as Fund Campaign Manager

The one-and-a-half hour talk by Dr. Magculang introduced GMEFI’s board officers and members to Basic Fund Generation ideas. The special meeting was held last May 17, 2016 at the Guesthouse of Metro Manila College.

Fund raising involves donor prospecting — who would and could help support in realizing the Foundation goals and mission. Who they are is of utmost importance. Fund raising is also friends raising according to him.

Dr. Magculang’s lecture reminded us of the AIDA marketing principle: ATTENTION must be created first, and be felt by the prospective donors. INTEREST must be generated on what the Foundation is actually doing. Sincerity of intention, good explanation of target goals may spark their DESIRE  to know the Foundation’s needs in order to extend assistance that may lead to the prospect’s eventual ACTION to say “Yes!” to GMEFI’s fund-raising efforts and solicitation requests.


Acknowledgment of assistance and thank you notes must be quickly disseminated to donors who support the organization. Dr. Magculang also enumerated and discussed the different types of Fund Campaigns, and showed samples of brochures used in campaign programs. Division heads depending on their network connections and interests were assigned to members present during the meeting.

After lunch, a synthesis of the morning’s discussion was held led by Executive Director Gil Reoma. It was followed by the proposal of Mirana Medina, Educational Assistance Program Head to hold the screening of an educational film that will benefit Gawad Metronian scholars. If it pushes through it will become GMEFI’s first Special Fund Raising event.

GMEFI Meet3She suggested that GMEFI networks with Novaliches’ Persons with Disability Office, and the Knights of Rizal. With them, they can work together in realizing the project of showing a historical documentary film. Metro Manila College high school alumnus, Dr. Emmanuel Calairo, currently the President of the Philippine Historical Association will be invited as a resource person. [MM / Photos by Nina Padua]

[L-R]: Executive Director Gil Reoma, Dr. Menandro Magculang, Lebi Tuman, Lolit Javier, Mirana Medina, Dr. Evelyn Dominguez, Natividad Villano, Ma. Aurora Villafuerte, Loida Morante, Fr. Romy Gallo.

3 thoughts on “Fund Raising is Courtship

  1. Walang hanggang pasasalamat,Yna, for this substantial report on the fund raising mini-seminar we had with Dr. Magculang. We are now moving towards befriending our potential donors: friends & neighbors of MMC, MMC Alumni, and other institutions that have the resources to help our common beneficiaries— youths, families, and communities who / that are determined to improve their lives through Education and Learning-related to Development Endeavors . i just had a talk with Even, our president, and she agreed that we call a Board Meeting this month. i am proposing June 17th. will send the notice as soon as this date is agreed. in this meeting, i will present to the Board for their deliberation and approval some proposed policies and activities, including the one on Mabini bio-film you sent us. all the best

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