GMEFI Passed the PCNC Standards of Good Governance, Management and Accountability!

Two weeks ago, on April 14, 2016, the Board of Philippine Council for NGO Certification [PCNC], after their impartial scrutiny and verification with the PCNC standards of good governance, management and accountability issued their Accreditation Certificate to GMEFI. It is valid up to April 13, 2017. The certificate was signed by PCNC Board of Trustees Chairperson Vitaliano Nañagas II and Ms. Teresita Ang See, PCNC Vice-Chair. [See below]


The PCNC Board of Resolution confirming their certification of GMEFI accreditation shall then be sent to the Bureau of Internal Revenue [BIR], according to the letter they sent to GMEFI dated April 26.

PCNC made it clear however, that only upon the confirmation of BIR, or, upon giving its stamp of approval that GMEFI would qualify as a “donee institution.” The entitlement of tax exemption to GMEFI donors shall then be honored. In other words, the accreditation of PCNC will only take effect after the BIR issues to GMEFI the “donee institution status” certificate.

The evaluation team gave their recommendations as well to GMEFI to help aid in the fledgling institution’s growth and development. The next evaluation team will be back after a year when GMEFI re-apply for certification.

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