PCNC Evaluators to Visit GMEFI Tomorrow

Evaluators from the Philippine Council for NGO Certification [PCNC] are slated to visit the office of Gawad Metronian Educational Foundation, Inc. located at the Guest House of Metro Manila College in Novaliches, Quezon City tomorrow, March 18.

The PCNC team is composed of the following: Engr. CESAR CORONADO [Team Chair / Independent Volunteer Evaluator], Mr. GENE ALBERT E. VELUNTA, Accountant, PICPA, and Ms. LOUIE GABASAN, PCNC Secretariat Representative. The team members will interview some members of the Board, teachers, students and will review GMEFI documents.

The Philippine Council for NGO Certification or PCNC is a private voluntary, non-stock, non-profit corporation that serves as a service organization whose main function is to certify non-profit organizations that meet established minimum criteria for financial management and accountability in the service to underprivileged Filipinos.

Their Objectives are:

  1. To provide a mechanism of certification for NGOs which meet established minimum criteria for greater transparency and accountability.
  2. To encourage private sector participation in social development through availment of incentives under the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program.
  3. To simulate and integrate the efforts of the non-profit sector to elevate its standards of service delivery.
  4. To provide a system for greater GO-NGO collaboration and complementation.
    [Click to read more about PCNC at http://www.pcnc.com.ph/%5D

A special AVP entitled “GMEFI’s BEING: Its Why fors and Wherefores” was prepared to present an overview of the Foundation. It contains the historical background that led to the formation of GMEFI, its Vision, Mission and Goals; Programs, and it presented as well some of the current Gawad Metronian scholars. The Grand Launching event serves as thread of the presentation.

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