GMEFI Launching Set in March 2016

Before the meeting started, a photo-op. GMEFI Members [L-R]: Annalissa Penullar, Natividad Villano, Dr. Evelyne Dominguez, Dr. Erlinda Dal’ag, Mirana Medina, Thelma Jadaque, Dr. Menandro Magculang
In the 2015 year-end adhoc committee meeting of the GMEFI Board of Trustees led by Dr. Menandro Magculang held yesterday morning, it was decided that the launching of the fledgling foundation be held on March 5, 2016 instead of January. Executive Director Annalissa Penullar presented the details in connection with GAWAD launching preparations. Another meeting will be held in mid-January 2016 re this matter.

adhoc 3a
Dr. Menandro Magculang Head of the Ad-hoc committee for Fund Raising with the Members of the GMEFI; E.O Annaliss Penullar [standing]
 In the afternoon, GMEFI President Evelyne Dominguez presented the Annual Report. She summed up to the body the activities undertaken by the foundation from its accreditation by the Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] on December 16, 2014, recognition of the Foundation as an Auxiliary Resource Agency for NCR last July 23, 2015, and its current status with the Philippine Council for NGO Certification [PCNC]. The report also included the Strategic Planning conducted this year in July 29, the start of formal operations on August 10, the Scholar’s Orientation held on September 10, and the awarding of the Honors’ Benefit on December 1.  Most importantly, it included the start of the external linkage with other NGO’s under the Community Program of GMEFI. Autism Society Philippines was awarded the first Community Funds Grant Assistance from GMEFI last November 25. They received P30K to implement their project for indigent sped public school students. It was later decided that the second educational funds grant be awarded to the Philippine Federation of the Deaf this year for implementation in the first quarter of the year 2016. Their project is aimed at training Communication Skills to Parents of Deaf Students in Novaliches, Quezon City.

Finally, the Annual Financial Report was made by Executive Director Annalissa Penullar.

The Foundation Consultant and new assistant board secretary Jay Javier was introduced to us. [MM/Photos by Nina Padua]


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